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Spokeo is a people search website that aggregates data from online and offline sources. Spokeo and similar services have been criticized because of the danger caused by listing the personal information and physical addresses of unwitting people openly online, and for profiting off the exploitation of personal data.

Spokeo is a waste of time and money, they request more money each time you want to access more information, consumeraffairs.com shared a review at consumeraffairs.com

"Don't waste your time or money paying for the so-called "database" of information. First, you have to agree to pay $0.95 to check the report you requested, which isn't that bad, but once you're in, they keep asking for more money, $4.95, $9.95, if you want to look at more detailed information. Then it jumps to $21.95...etc, etc. and just keeps going. None of the information is accurate. I had gotten a strange email from a company in California with an unknown name attached to my email and this made me curious as to how they got my email address, so I logged on to Spokeo thinking I could find out some information. Not at all! I think this is a scam! Again, don't waste your time or money."


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Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"They try to compensate with free food for how terrible they are. Scamming customers and we have to listen to the customers yell and scream. Management has favorites and there's no moving up unless you kiss butt."

Customer Care Representative (Former Employee) says

"the worst job I've ever had The website is garbage and their business practices are slimy. Every day I was giving the same tired excuses to angry customers over and over and I could never actually fix their problems because SPOKEO is the problem.noneall"

Customer Care Representative (Former Employee) says

"A typical work day consists of having angry customers yell at you because the product offered is not good quality. Management consists of people who put zero thought into major decisions or concern for the employees who the new changes will have an effect on. Their attendance point system is outdated and demotivates employees. There are so many little rules that it feels like grade school. Take away the little perks and this is just another basic customer service job."

Customer Service Rep (Former Employee) says

"I didn't like the training mgr. She got me sick because she camt to work sick and she was late. I missed 4 days of the 2nd week of training because of her getting me sick. When I get to work they put me on the phone, and when the training mgr saw I was there she listened to every call I took and told me that I sucked at the calls and how I bummed all of them. So I walked out.Free lunch, free healthcare, extravagant company party.Poor training"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Yes! they provide you with catered lunch everyday . But I think that's only to make up for HORRIBLE management that expects you to do a lot more than what you're getting payed for. They continue to make changes after changes that makes the job more complicated & you feel stressed out more than half of the time trying to keep up with the changes. All the customers that call are always upset because of the unsatisfactory service provided, you get lucky if you speak to a happy one in your 8 hour shift. If you're ready to put up with angry people all day, go for it!Free lunchmicromanage, repetitive"

Sr Developer (Current Employee) says

"If you are cool with checking your brain at the door this is the place for you. They hire people that are waaay more book smart or talented than they need, then micromanage the dickens out of you. If you've been working for more than 5 years, I suggest you look elsewhere.Free lunch. Let them eat cake.No real autonomy here. Management don't want to grow."

Customer Service, Retention (Former Employee) says

"The best thing about the job in my opinion would be the trips, parties and lunch. I enjoyed the bonds that were created between myself and other coworkers.Company provides lunch and snacks dailyLack of proper communication between management and employees, Management shows preferential treatment to those they deem worthy."

CFO (Former Employee) says

"Spokeo has been very helpful to all my daily activities, deep web searches and background checks. I have used their service countless times and they delivered. The only thing i worry about most times is that truthfinder might not be as right as it seems, all they provide access to is public information mostly and not all this information is accurate. When i needed a very deep web search and surveillance service i used rootgatehacks#tutanota,com you can mail them. They provide the best in monitoring which i have used personally, cooperate espionage, online forensics and many more. They are guaranteed to get your job done.Good Customer supportApp bugs"

Customer Care Phone Agent (Former Employee) says

"Customer care leadership is inherently consisting of non-technical people who do not have a structure in the development of policies and their implementations. Typically there are changes to customer care policies that are provided in department meetings, or impromptu emails which the presenters sometimes have not prepared well for and those new policies have documentation errors, creating misunderstandings within the team. The customer care leadership team is not synchronized with the views and goals of the CEO and development team (which are great). There needs to be a change of leadership in order to attain a fully functional and coherent Spokeo team."

Customer Care Representative (Current Employee) says

"Great Culture! Have met some great individuals here. Room for growth, check. Great learning experience and clear path for growth. Overall a great company.Culturenone"

Senior Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The Spokeo atmosphere is definitely fun, but it is run by a few very young Stanford alumni who have big egos and have difficulty being told new, better ways to do things. Although they tout a relaxed setting, communication there is very poor, and they do not allow for working remotely whatsoever, which can be hard if you have to balance family and work.Free Lunches, Flexible Schedules, Pool Table, Ping Pong, Good PTOLacks good management, Zero remote possibilities"

Customer Care Representative (Former Employee) says

"Just a job to get you by, its not a career, nor is it something that you may enjoy doing. Its just a paycheck. The perks are the free food and snacks."

Hman127 says

"This site sucks. I used It once to search a number which was 95 cents. A week later they charge me $ 24.95. Beware and dont bother. The search was useless anyway. Never Again."

Jeremy says

"Its a scam because whatever email address you type in they say "Unlock Results". So you sign up, pay and then they tell you there are 0 results."

Denise says

"Hey, me again. Nope, you didn't address the issue with your canned response, and you still suck."

Brittany Naylor says

"If I could give a negative star I would. This site a scam. I paid $1.95 to see a results and after I hit download they asked for an additional .50 and didn't show any results at all. I want my 1.95 back and thank you."

Kevin Allen says

"I think any site that puts Big 'Only 1$ CHARGE' everywhere and puts "Then will Bill u AUTOMATICALLY 24.95 a month after 7 days" (or 3days etc) IN tiny little letters ON TOP OF CHANGING FONT COLOR TO MAKE IT BARELY STAND OUT FROM ITS BACKGROUND , SAYS EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM. And the whole "We will work tirelessly to satisfy any customers issues or complaints" orrr "will make things good" under, "refund" or "about us" policy, IS A STRAIGHT LIE."

trish says

"Total scam, DO NOT TRUST THEM. If the company was honest they would show a partial result, with the option to unlock the requested information. I lost money to them, and they paste or send a scripted reply, offering to help. Which they do not do. I was lucky enough to use a single use card number, with a fixed amount on it. I still had to contact the bank to get that back. Dont listen to a word they have to say. TOTALL SCAMMERS"

CC says

"Cancelled subscription and still got billed TWICE in one day! SCAM SCAM SCAM thank goodness my bank rang me inquiring about the transactions made"

Chiara says

"Fraud, charged my card days after I did a small purchase. Do not use this website!!"

Dann Jay says

"Bro stop scamming US You might have some amazing information but from what I’ve reAding you try and charge us left right and centre! You’d make more money if you didn’t ya fools"

Ela says

"Makes unauthorized subscription charges without you knowledge or consent. Info given is pretty useless and not detailed. Mostly outdated info, years old. Nothing useful. I did a 99 cent background check and if I hadn't checked my credit card statement, I would not have seen the 39.99 subscription fee. There was never an option or message that they would try that. They never send a receipt or an invoice. I never agreed to this, and there wasnt even a fineprint message."

Jay says

"This is a scam. When you search for free caller id finders Spokeo always shows up and then they want to charge you for it."

Niki Singleton says

"I never authorized a second charge on my cash app card and I can not afford to pay another 25 bucks for a bunch of useless information, further more I was very displeased with spokeo search and i would much rather have dinner gor the kids than this useless subscription."

PJ says

"Looked up an unknown phone number and it gave a list of information that "may" be included. It was obviously weasel-worded, but I paid the $1.95 anyway to see the name of the caller. It just gave me the name of the phone carrier that was the first Google result anyway. Such a scam."

Victoria Marshall says

"I did a one off search. Useless as it had no information. I just put it down to experience. But then this month they took out another fee!!!!! I did not subscribe to them. Do not give them your bank details!!!!!"

Laura McCloskey says

"I registered for a one-time fee and they have been charging me double for months (9.85 and 19.85) which I did not sign up for. Do not give your credit card number to this company! Moreover, the information they provided was inadequate and not worth a dollar much less what has now accumulated to hundreds. I rarely use this checking account so did not notice the extra charges."

J S says

"Not impressed. I did a search and the results said it found matches. However, in order to see the results, I had to pay a subscription fee. I went for the one-off monthly fee. Lo and behold, when I issued the SAME search criteria after paying the fee, no results were found. SCAM SCAM SCAM. I'm going to request a refund. This is so sly."

Eugene Rodgers says

"We used Spokeo to look up one phone number. We just got our credit card statement and found out they’d charged us $25! They trick users into setting up an account to get one look-up and this is the fee for that “service.” There are plenty of good, honest competitors that people can use—and should."

judith bell says

"Based in the UK this worse than useless. Entered all my own details - apparently I don't exist. Very poor service to knowingly take money when based in a county he already know I wont get results."

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